Why Sell Voluntary?

Voluntary benefits insurance is an integral part of today’s benefits packages. Whether you have always sold voluntary or are new to voluntary benefits as a means for alternative revenue, we can offer the right guidance to get your clients on a path to success.

85 percentpngIn today’s economy of rising expenses and budget cuts, employers are strategically reassessing their benefit plans. What does this mean? That employers plan to instill more cost-sharing and increase employee contributions for premiums by 6.7 percent in 2014 and out-of-pocket and deductibles by as much as 10 percent.1 This causes more financial exposure for employees as insurance coverage gaps widen even further – and creates a need we can work with you to solve.

We can offer products to help fill that insurance gap for employees and enhance their benefit options all at no extra cost to the employer. And 100 percent of the premium goes through payroll deduction so it’s easy and seamless.

Selling voluntary benefits is a logical next step for brokers as margins continue to get smaller and smaller. Did you know that 68% of employees agree voluntary supplemental benefits are important for helping manage their healthcare costs?2 So are you ready to work with an experienced partner to help develop strategies and solutions to fit your clients’ needs and provide products you know employees want? Learn more about why employees and employers should look into voluntary benefits.

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