Billing Solutions

We believe administering benefits should be easy, so we create solutions that match your needs rather than the other way around.

Trustmark payroll deduction

At Trustmark, we think billing should follow an employer’s current payroll cycle – not one we dictate. This is why we mirror an employer’s payroll cycle and have even created a customized interface for all payroll-deducted benefits, which means:

  • We listen to an employer’s unique needs to create a customized interface.
  • There is no reconciliation work for employers; all Trustmark needs is a standard report/voluntary payroll deduction file from the payroll system.
  • Employers can choose whatever payment method is convenient for them; ACH, electronic wire transfer or paper check.

Looking for even more simplification? We make billing easy with an industry-leading consolidated billing process flexible enough to handle the unique requirements of payroll-deducted voluntary insurance products.

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Learn more about Trustmark’s consolidated billing.

Trustmark consolidated billing

Employers can easily combine multiple products from multiple insurance carriers in one or more payroll deduction slots. With Trustmark’s consolidated billing, multiple vendors can be p
aid with one payment and one payroll deduction file. We take care of the rest.

Plus, Trustmark offers true flexibility:

  • Automated data interfaces; Trustmark handles the premium reconciliation.
  • E-bill internet premium reconciliation and report access (Employer groups under 200 lives).
  • Bills and payment summary reports via email or paper.