Enrollment and Communication Solutions

Every business is different so there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to enrollment. That’s why we look at each situation and work to provide clients with a unique enrollment solution that is both simple and flexible. And, we do more than just help enroll in benefits. Through one-on-one employee communication we help make sure employees are informed about their benefit options, wellness programs or other corporate initiatives.

Our enrollment solutions are comprehensive which means we address all your needs:

Enrollment simplification

With over 100 years of experience, Trustmark has learned what tools are needed to make enrollments a breeze and make sure the answers clients need are never far away.

  • Tired of paperwork? Trustmark’s online enrollment system saves clients from endless paperwork and makes for easier access to reporting and information.
  • Worried about training and implementation? Rest easy, our client-specific trainings are delivered onsite and a single point of contact is designated to help with set up for implementation and resolve any issues.
  • Have a dispersed workforce? We offer a variety of enrollment options through our relationships with leading enrollment firms. Whether it’s a call center, one-on-one meetings or group meetings, we have the right enrollment tools for any situation and all the information can be compiled in one place through our online enrollment system.
  • Want to enroll off-cycle? We’ve got you covered! We can perform the enrollment alongside major medical enrollments or off-cycle.
  • What about post-enrollment? Clients don’t have to worry because we dedicate resources to provide all the data and reporting needed after the enrollment is complete.
Employee communication

Although 93 percent of employers think it’s important for their employees to understand and appreciate their benefits, only 19 percent believe they actually do.1 Trustmark can help close this gap with tailored enrollment communication surrounding not only employees’ benefits, but other key company messages.

LifeHealth & WealthLearn more about promoting financial and physical well-being with our LifeHealth & Wealth program.
  • Need to reach employees? Through the use of one-on-one enrollments, employees can speak to an enrollment specialist about how their benefits pertain specifically to them. This way, employees are more likely to see the value of their benefits and more likely to feel confident in their choices.
  • What about communicating pre-enrollment? We understand the need for communication to start well before the actual enrollment which is why we provide a targeted communication plan beforehand. Using tools such as email, posters, microsites and desk drops, we can help choose the right tools and message to reach employees and drive participation.
  • What about wellness? Trustmark provides a solution for driving engagement and communicating about both physical and financial well-being through our LifeHealth & Wealth program.
  • Have other topics to address? Our communication isn’t just about the employees’ benefits. It can be used for communicating other important company messages such as 401(k)s, dependent audits or HDHPs.
Benefits administration

For those looking for a system to help manage their benefits, Trustmark has relationships with industry-leading benefit administration system providers. And, for anyone who has a system they are already comfortable with, we have the flexibility and willingness to work with any system that is willing to work with us. What does this mean for our clients? No headaches!

  • Want customization? No problem! Trustmark and its benefits administration system providers can match the look and feel of any company’s branding. Even better, we can integrate with existing systems for a seamless feel when enrolling.
  • Looking for flexibility? Core benefits enrollment? Voluntary benefits enrollment? Our systems can handle both. Everything from open enrollments, to new hire enrollments or year-round qualified status changes is covered in our system which can be configured to support any combination of these services.
  • Need easy access to data? With our systems’ ability to communicate with most Human Resource Information Systems and payroll systems, we make it easy for everyone to get the right data, in the right format at the right time. And, with administration tools that give clients access to enrollment history, help them monitor enrollment activity and allow them to process enrollments for those that need assistance, each client has all the tools and information they need.
  • Worried about cost? Our relationships with industry-leading benefit administration system providers means that in some cases Trustmark can offer discounted benefits administrative platforms if our products are actively enrolled.