Why offer Voluntary?

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company. So, what if we told you that Trustmark could help create a workforce that is happier, healthier, more productive, better protected and more loyal? Employees across the country ask for these benefits, and voluntary have shown to help in a number of those areas. Here’s why:

      • 1 out of 2Expanding benefits – Voluntary benefits allow an employer to offer a more enhanced benefits package at no additional cost that protects employees from unexpected expenses. Financial security can bring peace of mind to your employees.
      • Communication – Enrollments can provide vital one-on-one communication to help raise awareness around company initiatives and increase engagement.
      • Hiring and retention of employees – Half of employees say their benefits are an important reason why they stay with their employer and 43% listed their benefits as an important reason for coming to work for their employer.1 Taking into account that 88% of employees feel the offer of voluntary benefits is an important part of a comprehensive benefits program.2
      • Cost-containment – To reduce unnecessary costs, voluntary can help offer comprehensive wellness, communication and engagement, and other value-added solutions and services..
So, why do employees want it?

Voluntary benefits are a great help to you as an employer and they are every bit as valuable to your employees. It’s all about giving them added financial protection with the flexibility to choose what works best for them and/or their families.
Employees want voluntary benefits for:

  • Gaps in coverage – Even with medical insurance, out-of-pocket costs for health issues can cost employees thousands of dollars. Voluntary benefits help fill the gap to give employees financial security and peace of mind.
  • Flexibility and security – About 80% of employees would value more personalized benefits geared to their individual circumstances.1 Offering voluntary benefits gives them this flexibility, not to mention the security of a fully portable policy.
  • Understanding and appreciation – Half of employees say they need more help understanding how their benefits work and how they meet their needs.3 Communication through enrollment in voluntary benefits helps employees understand and appreciate their benefits.

Wondering how to offer voluntary benefits? Talk to your broker about using Trustmark at your next enrollment. Have them contact their regional sales director today.

Want to learn more?

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