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Building cultures of health

LifeHealth & Wealth is designed to change behavior by encouraging participation and engagement to create a culture of physical and financial well-being. Our strategic one-on one approch opens the doors to high levels of interest, at the right time, and is geared to each individual.

Our integrated solutions can either enhance your client’s existing wellness programs, or help them launch one and get their feet off the ground. LifeHealth & Wealth is a flexible and modular solution, capable of matching an employer’s needs, whatever they may be.

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Engagement toolkit

Trustmark provides creative tools to help successfully launch and maintain wellness initiatives. Log in to preview campaigns and download marketing templates to help engage employees in healthy behaviors.

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LIFE: Engagement solution

LifeHealth & Wealth provides an engagement solution that drives wellness participation for the right reasons. It’s one that reaches employees and appeals to their emotions so they can begin or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

By using a multimedia communication campaign coupled with one-on-one discussions with benefit counselors, we help engage, educate and encourage employees to be active and informed healthcare consumers.

HEALTH: Wellness Solutions

LifeHealth & Wealth’s wellness solution is provided through HealthFitness—a wholly owned subsidiary of Trustmark Companies. HealthFitness is a preeminent provider of health management and fitness services and partners with clients across the U.S. to effectively manage healthcare and productivity costs. Their nationally-recognized and proven strategies help improve the individual health and well-being of their clients.

LifeHealth & Wealth combines wellness activities and engagement tools to give employees an opportunity to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Here are just a few of the proprietary tools the wellness program uses to improve employee health and create more targeted campaigns:

  • health risk assessment
  • biometric screening
  • health coaching and digital coaching
  • monthly newsletters that offer tips for employees and their families
  • active lifestyle programs such as walking, fitness tracking and nutrition


How will you know if these programs have made a successful impact? Don’t worry, we measure. We provide aggregate reporting to help clients understand their workforce’s potential risks and outcomes.

WEALTH: Financial Solutions

We firmly believe a person’s financial well-being is the final piece to the puzzle. More often than not, finances can have a profound effect on an employee’s health and stress levels, and vice versa, as health episodes have a profound effect on an employee’s finances.

Voluntary benefits help protect employees’ financial well-being from the impact of increasing healthcare costs. We offer solutions for Life with long-term care, AccidentDisability Income and Critical Illness, coverage.

Want a strategic business partner who can help manage healthcare costs, deliver products employees want and create a more engaged workforce?

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Benefits may vary by state, may not be available, or may be named differently. Please refer to the policy/certificate for exact terms, conditions, exclusions, limitations and reductions.